Direct Investments

We Are...

  • We are a family office investing capital in businesses and management teams who share our values.
  • We invest in businesses in the Midwest that we understand and with people we trust.
  • We invest in a few great companies; not create a large portfolio of companies.
  • We make all our decisions with the long-term in mind.
  • We do the right thing today to create value tomorrow.
  • We creatively structure transactions that align stakeholders and reward management teams. 
  • We believe in aligning stakeholder’s interest, rewarding management teams, and achieving the business owner’s unique goals – growth, sale, transition, and/or succession.
  • To us, it is equally important who you share the path with as where the path leads.
  • We are professional owners with an ability to bring deep operational and strategic focus.

We are NOT a traditional private equity fund

  • We are not focused on selling your business before we invest in your business. We strive to be your long-term partners.
  • We invest and manage our own capital.

We are 42 North Partners

  • A family office that is driven to create financial value while also earning a qualitative return.

We look for


History of generating positive free cash flow.


Empower existing management teams.


We invest in businesses that are based in the Midwest. 

Contact us to discuss the possibilities.